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by Gerald Bade

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Verla Arns (wife of. Earl Arns) of Fullerton, California, a descendent of William Arns  (see below) has provided an Arns family history. The family is quite large and has been traced back to about 1600. The surname was originally spelled Arens but was anglicized to Arns on coming to America.  Portions of the following material were taken from her research and from various family members and cousins.

The Arenses lived in Grossenmarpe, and later Brakelsiek, in the small German principality of Lippe or Lippe-Detmold which is about 100 miles southwest of Hannover. Brakelsiek is the same village where the Schrodermeier family lived. 

Although William Arns' obituary states that he was born in Braelsiek, I have viewed the parish records for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Brakelsiek but could not confirm any of the Arens family there.  However, the records were very difficult to read and I may have missed them. 

Four brothers immigrated to the United States:  William Arens and two half brothers, twins Heinrich and Christian, came in 1858 in order to avoid conscription into the army. They settled first in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before going to Bremer County, Iowa.  In 1867, another brother, Friedrich August Arens immigrated to Bremer County.

My direct ancestors are shown in bold type.  Generations are shown in colors.

See Arens/Arns descendents Gedcom data.

I.  Johann Heinrich Arens, 1600 - ???? and Spouse
the author's g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-grandparents, had two documented children:  

           Simon Ludwig Arens - see below
           Krueger Arens (1630 - )

Click to see the descendents of this couple.

II.  Simon Ludwig Arens, 1626 - 1711 and Ilsabe Wegener 
the author's g-g-g-g-g-g-g-grandparents, had four documented children:  

           Anna Elizabeth Arens (1661 - 1736)
           Johann Arens (1866 - ) see below
           Johann Hermann Arens (1669 - 1733) 
           Johann Christoph Arens (1673 - 1761)

III.  Johann Arens, 1666 - 1721 and Anna Margaretha Woermann, 1664 - ????
the author's g-g-g-g-g-g-grandparents, had three documented children: 

             Johann Jost Heinrich Arens (1694 - )
            Anna Catharine Arens (1700 - )
            Johann Heinrich Arens (1708 - ) see below

IV.  Johann Heinrich Arens, 1708 - 1783 and Anna Marie Hoeners, 1712 - ???? 
the author's g-g-g-g-g-grandparents, married 1770 and they had seven documented children:  

              Johann Hermann Arens (1736 - ) 
             Johann Heinrich Arens (1740 - ) 
             Franz Heinrich Arens (1743 - ) see below
             Anna Marie Elizabeth Arens (1747 - )
             Anna Marie Ilsabe Arens (1749 - )   
             Hermann Christoph Arens (1752 - )
             Anna Margretha Ilsabe Arens (1755 - )

V.  Franz Heinrich Arens, 1743, the author's g-g-g-g-grandfather married (1) Anna Catharina Beermann,  (2) Anna Ilsabe Leseman, and (3)  Luise Brueggenmann.  With the latter he had three documented children: 

              Franz Heinrich Arens (1797 - ) see below
              Johann Simon Heinrich Wilhelm Arens (1800 - )
              Anna Maria Florentine Elizabeth Arens (1803 - )

VI.  Franz Heinrich Arens, 1797 - 1863,  the author's g-g-g-grandfather, married (1) Catharina Sophia Luise Raeker 
                   (six children, including two sets of twins) and (2) Wilhelmina Sophia Goekemier  (five children): 

            (1) Unknown Male Arens (twin, 1827 - 1827)
            (1) Unknown Female Arens (twin, 1827 - 1827)
            (1) Wilhelmina Luise Sophia Arens (1829 - )
            (1) Herman Friedrich Christian Arens (twin, 1831 - ) married Spouse unknown
                     Wilhelmina Arns (1859 - )
                     Mary Arns (1860 - )
                     Lucy Arns (1862 - )
                     William Christian Arns (1863 - ) married Flora Alice Almeda Sturdevant
                              Etta Rae Arns (1890 - ) marrid Roy Matthew Fairchild
                              Male Unnamed  (died at birth)
                              Melville Darwin Arns (1894 - ) marriedVilla Bastian
                              Irene Mae Arns (1897 - ) married Oscar Wicks
                              Vernon Arlo Arns (1899 - )
                               Leland Eugene Arns (1902 - 1904)
                               Howard Logan Arns (1904 - ) married Agnes M. Thompson
                      Christian C. Arns (1864 - )
                      Elizabeth Arns (1867 - )
            (1) Heinrich Friedrich Christoph (a.k.a. Henry) Arens (twin, 1831 - ) married Henrietta Bueker (ten children).  Immigrated in 1858..
                     Minnie Arns (1857 - 1946) married Fred Lageschulte (seven children): 
                            William Lageschulte (1883 - 1956) married Rosina Priebe
                                     Mildred Lageschulte
Gilbert Lageschulte married Dorothy Rommel
 Caroline Lageschulte
Ralph Lageschulte m. Mary Unknown
                             Henry Lageschulte
(1885 - 1967) married Martha Nolte 
                                     Arles Lageschulte m. Mary Etnier
                                             Linda Lageschulte married William Hinsman
                                                      Donna Hinsman
                                                      Douglas Hinsman
                                             Norma Lageschulte
                                             Chester Lageschulte married Esther Dreesman
                                                      Paula Lageschulte
                                                      Jim Lageschulte
                                                      Lu Ann Lageschulte 
                             Martha Lageschulte (1887 - )  married Frank Christophel 
                                     Gladys Christophel married C. J. Rebelein
                                            Cheryl Ann Rebelein married Afton Davis
                                                     Alan Harold Davis
                                            Paul Christopher married Catherine Carr
                                                     Robert Paul Christophel
                                                     David William Christophel
                                                     Janet Catherine Christophel
                                            Ruth Ellen Christophel
                                            Verlyn Christophel married Charlotte Ann DeBower
                                     Orville Christophel married Phedona Simon
                                            David Charles Christophel
                                     Irma Christophel married Martin Leesburg
                                            Karen Leesburg
                                            Lynette Leesburg
                                            Marylon Joy Leesburg
                             Frank Lageschulte (1889  - )
                                     Clarence Lageschulte married Regina Kuhrt
                                            Barbara Lageschulte married Jack Bruns
                                                    Brenda Bruns
                                                    Rodney Bruns
                                            Pamela Lageschulte married John Campbell
                                                    Shawn Campbell
                                                    Shane Campbell
                                            Carla Lageschulte maried Robert Neiman
                                                     Randy Neiman
                                     Lavern Lageschulte married Alice Etnier
                                             Wayne Lageschulte married Barbara Deure
                                                     Brian Lageschulte
                                             Larry Lageschulte married Faith Joachum
                                             Carol Lageschulte married James Bruns
                                    Raymond Lageschulte married Virginia Koephed
                                             Donna Kay Lageschulte married Ken Speake
                                             Cordell Lageschulte
                                             David Lageschulte
                                    Gladys Lageschulte married Wallace Sanders
                                             Gean Sanders
                                             Dixie Sanders
                                             Steven Sanders
                             Fred Lageschulte (1891 - ) married 16 Feb 1916, Alice Koenig 
                                     Wendell Lageschulte married Frances Tensemeyer
                                            Janice Lageschulte married Jerry Jensen
                                                      Jill Jensen
                                                      Jeff Jensen
                                                      Jody Jensen
                                     Grace Lageschulte married Harvey Carolus
                                            Gordon Carolus married Phylliss Schweer
                                                      Sherri Carolus
                                                      Wayne Carolus
                                            Duane Carolus married Martha Moener
                                     Harold Lageschulte married Marcella Wilson
                                             Maragaret Lageschulte married Robert Morford
                                                     Joe Morford
                                                     Beth Morford
                                                     Michelle Morford
                                                     Jay Morford
                                                     Margaret Morford
                                     Ruth Lageschulte married Dale Smith
                                            Richard Smith
                                            Sandra Smith married Flavius Payne
                                                    Stephen Payne
                                                    Richard Payne
                                            William Smith
                                            Susan Smith
                                            Rodney Smith
                                    Evelyn Lageschulte married Donald Boyken
                                            Susan Boyken
                                            Danny Boyken
                                    Paul Lageschulte married Betty Baskins
                                            Linda Lageschulte
                                            John Lageschulte
                                            Kevin Lageschulte
                                    Roger Lageschulte married LeOra Lee Olson
                                            David Lageschulte
                                            Lisa Lageschulte
                             David Lageschulte died in infancy 
                             Edward Lageschulte (1895 - ) 
                                   Leona Lageschulte
                                  Wanda Lageschulte married Don Leisinger
                                           Eugene Leisinger
                                           Richard Leisinger
                                           Ronald Leisinger
                                           James Leisinger
                      Henry Arns, Jr. (1859 - ) married Minnie Nolting (one child):
                             Hulda Arns (1892 - )  married Carl Schrodermier 
                       John Arns (1861 - )  married Elizabeth Bahmeier (five children):
                             Joseph Arns 
                             Albert Arns (1887 - )
                                    Glen Arns
                                    Wendell Arns
                                    Wilma Arns married Henry Newhaus
                             Ella Arns (1895 - 1936) 
                             Clara Arns 
                             Irving Arns (1898 - ) married Lois Pierce 
                                   Marjorie Arns married Henry Newcomb
                                   Roland Arns married Betty Strottman
                                           Mary Jo Arns
                                           Terry Arns
                                           Nancy Arns
                                           Tom Arns
                                           David Arns
                                           Lori Arns
                                           Jennifer Arns
                      August Arns (1865 - 1937)  married (1) Married Kate Hanff (two children)  and (2) Unknown Schoenig (no children):
                             Elsie Arns  (1898 - 1920)
                             Harvey Arns  married Dora Toburn
                                    Virgil Arns  
                      Fred Arns (1867 - 1946) married Mary Iserman (one child):
                             Iva Mae Arns 
                     Mary Arns, (1868 - 1944) married William Bodecker (three children):
                             Mollie Arns married Alvin Meyerhauf 
                             Agnes Arns married Alvin Sabin 
                             Florence Arns married Elmer Suhr 
                     Mollie Arns (1871 - 1957)
                     Anna Arns 1(873 - )
                     Christian Arns (1873 - 1945) married Mary Wilke (seven children):
                             Lee Arns (1904 - ) he married Ruth Brinker 
                                    Lois Arns married Joe Scarpitto
                                    Donald Arns married Sue Unknown
                                           Ronald Arns
                                           Jeffery Arns
                                           Steven Arns
                                           Debra Arns
                             Laura Arns married George Friels 
                                    Deloris Friels married Lowell Bast
                                           Ronald Bast
                                           Jean Ann Bast
                                    Darlene Friels married Laurence Greenlee
                                           Robert Greenlee
                                           George Greenlee
                             Lester Arns (1909 - )  
                             Laurence Arns (1911 - )
                             Helen Arns (1912 - ) married Will Nolte 
                                     Reva Nolte married JamesWait
                                            Christy Wait
                                            Linda Wait married Rick Campbell
                                                    Patrick Campbell
                                    Marlene Nolte married Darrel Hoppenworth
                                            Scott Hoppenworth
                                    Marvin Nolte married Dorothy Korte
                                           Steven Nolte
                                           Jeffery Nolte
                                           Douglas Nolte
                             Elmer Arns (1915 - ) married Ruth Pothast 
                                    Larry Arns
                                    James Arns
                             Victor Arns (1917 - ) married Lornea Fedler 
                      Frank Arns, (1876 - ) married Emma Moeller (four children):
                            Mabel Arns (1907 - ) married Leo Orth
                                    Merlin Orth married Arlene Unknown
                                             Ruth Ann Orth
                                             Randy Orth
                                             James Orth
                                    Norma Orth married Robert Hesterburg
                                             Sandra Hesterburg
                                             Danny Hesterburg
                                             Lori Hesterburg
                                             Mark Allen Hesterburg
                                     Ronald Orth married Darlas Sargent
                                             David Orth
                                             Julianne Orth
                                     Romaine Orth married Joanne Jamison
                                             Charles Orth
                                             Patricia Orth
                                     Marvin Orth  
                            Viola Arns (1910 - 1914)  
                            Floyd Arns (1912 - ) married Kedna Geuther
                                      Kathryn Arns married Richard Manship
                                             Gregory Manship
                                             Jeffrey Manship  
                            Loren Arns (1915 - ) married Esther Kuethe
                                      Darlene Arns married Daniel Gring
                                             Daniel Gring
                                             David Lee Gring
                                             Dianne Gring
                                       Karen Arns married Edwin Johnson
            (1) Herman Friedrich Christian (a.k.a. Christian) Arens (twin - 1831) Spouse Unknown (four chidren).  Immigrated in 1858. 
                     Wilhelmina Arns (1859 - )
                     Mary Arns (1860 - )
                     Lucy Arns (1862 - )
                     William Christian Arns (1863 - ) married  Flora Alice Almeda Sturdevant. (nine children):
                            Etta Rae Arns (1890 - ) married Roy Matthew Fairchild 
                            Male Unnamed died at birth 
                            Melville Darwin Arns (1894 - ) married Villa Bastian 
                            Irene Mae Arns (1897 - ) married Oscar Wicks 
                            Vernon Arlo Arns (1899 - ) 
                            Leland Eugene Arns (1902 - ) 
                            Howard Logan Arns (1900 - ) married Agnes M. Thompson 
                            Christian C. Arns (1864 - )
                            Elizabeth Arns (1867 - )
            (2) Friedrich Ludwig (1834 - )
            (2) Johann Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm (a.k.a. William) Arens (1838 - ) see below.  Immigrated in 1858
            (2) Johann Friedrich Carl Arens (1841 - 1843)
            (2) Luise Dorothea Florentine Arens (1845 -1851)
            (2)  August Arens (1849 - ) Immigrated in 1867

 VII.  Johann Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm (a.k.a. William) Arns, 1838 - 1905 and Wilhelmina (a.k.a. Minnie) Witte 1832 - 1908  (the authors g-g-grandfather) immigrated in1858 with twin half brothers Heinrich (a.k.a. Henry), and Christian, in order to escape conscription into the army.  A third brother, Friedrich August, immigrated in 1867.  According to Verla Arns' Family History, William's mother was Sophia Goekemier.  However, his Civil War Burial Record lists his mother as Catharina Racker (sic).  I have not resolved this conflict.  He and Minnie Witte were married in 1858. She had come to America on the same ship as William with a daughter Amelia (Molly) and she was eight months pregnant when she married William.

Read about William's Civil War Service.

William served as a Warren Township Trustee from 1877 to 1881. He died in1905 and is buried in the Warren Evangelical Association Church Cemetery.

After his death in 1905 (obituary), Williamís widow Minnie (age 75) applied for a pension in 1907 based on her husbandís military service. I donít know if she ever received one or not but she died in 1908 and is buried in the Warren Evangelical Association Church cemetery.

William and Minnie's descendents are as follows. They had four children while in Milwaukee and five in Bremer County, Iowa:
              Amelia Arns (1854 - 1943) - Minnies daughter before coming to America. William adopted her.
              Christian William Arns (1858 - 1930) see below
              Friedrich  Arns (1860 - )
              August Arns (1862 - 1944) married Wilhelmine Schrodemier
                    William Arns 
                    Raymond Arns 
                    Henrietta Arns

              Wilhelmina Arns (1863 - 1906) ?married?
                     Henretta Unknown
              William W. Arns (1868 - 1952) married Sarah Amelia Coates
                    Dora Belle Arns (1896 -)
                    Harry Arns (1898 - ) married (1) Iva Marie Deering and (2) Edith Rogers
                           (1) Harry Duane Arns (1924 - ) married (1) Frances Costello and (2) Bonnie Martin
                                      (1) Ellen Arns
                                      (1) Kathy Arns
                                      (2) Mary Faith Arns
                           (2) Kent Eldon Arns (1937) married Clovis Klamroth
                                     Michael Arns
                                     Michelle Arns
                           (2) Donna Arns (1940 - ) married Robert Louis Stephenson
                                     Robert Eldon Stephenson
                                     Richard Alan Stephenson
                    Paul Arns (1901 - ) married Ida Melling (1902 - )
                           William Odell Arns (1925 - )
                           Marla Arns (1928 - ) married Harold Ashworth
                                    Pennie Ashworth m. Roy Hunter
                                            Jeffery Roy Hunter
                                    Stephen Harold Ashworth
                                    Marsha Ada Ashworth
                          Joseph Orval Arns (1930 - ) married Venetta Murphy
                                    Sherry Lee Arns
                                    Paul Archie Arns
                                    Royit Paul Arns
                                    Jo Lynn Arns
                                    Annette Arns
                          Paul Lamar Arns (1933 - 1935)
                          Saralene Arns (1939 - 1942)
                          George Gerald Arns (1941 - ) married Elaine Price
                                    Larry G. Arns
                                    Brent P. Arns
                          Maryl M. Arns b. 27 Jun 1946 m. Christine Larson
                    Earl Arns (1907 - ) married Verla Davis and had four children:
                          Earl Charles Arns (1927 - ) married (1) Catherine Linda Jilek, (2)  Joanne Aldrich and (3) Judith Moore
                                 (1) Matthew Charles Arns (1972 - ) has one child:
                                             Matthew Charles Arns, Jr.                                                                                           
                                 (2) Christopher Charles Arns married ???? and has one child:
                                              Charlotte Arns
                          Patricia Louise Arns (1940 - 2008) married Glen H. Child (two chidren):
                                   Dennis Alan Child
                                   Donald Owen Child

                          Judith Diane Arns (1944 - )
                          Elizabeth Ilene Arns (no children)
                    Ralph Arns (1912 - ) married  (1) Opal Gossage and (2) Norma Dell
                           (1) Sherryl Susan Arns
                    William Ray Arns (1916 - )  married (1) Genevieve Wall and (2) Laverne Picard
                           (1) Sharon Dee Arns
                           (2) Karen Lee Arns married Paul Yarnell
                                       David Michael Yarnell
                           (2) William Louis Arns
                           (2) Carl David Arns
               Mary Arns (1869 - 1870)
               Louis Arns (1870 - 1925) married Lucy Genevieve Coates (1874 - )
                     Birdie Arns (1896 - ) married Fred Platte
                            Waldo Platte (1929 - ) married Marion Pankow
                            Ruth Platte (1930 - ) married Ray Deike
                                       Ronald Ray Deike
                                       Randall Roy Deike
                                       Russell Rory Deike
                                       Ricky Roger Deike
                                       Rebecca Ruth Deike
                                       Robyn Rae Deike
                           Winifred Platte (1935) married Willis Nolte
                                      Wanda Sue Nolte
                                      Wilanna Nolte
                     Millie Arns (189 - ) married Lynn Briden
                            Lucille Briden (1919 - ) married Walter Best
                            Carol Briden (1921 - ) married Charles McBride
                                      Donna Kaye McBride married Larry Elliot
                                              Deanna Sue Elliot
                                              Julie Kay Elliot
                            Ralph Briden (1922 - ) married Geraldine Greeley
                                      Keith Briden
                     Harold Arns (1898 - )
               Simon Arns (1875 - 1957) married Ida Gabe
                     Frida Arns (1903) married Otto Schaefer
                             Romaine Schaefer
                             Shirley Schaefer married Don Andereson
                     Hilda Arns (1907 - ) married Unknown Kirchmann
               Henrietta Arns (1887 - )  (Note: I do not know for sure if Henrietta is a biological daughter or adopted. She appears in the 1900
                                                      U.S. Census listed as a daughter and in my grandfather Arnsí family Bible. If she is indeed their child,
                                                      she must have been a surprise as she was born 13 years after Simon and her mother would have been
                                                      53 years old at the time.)

VIII.  Christian William Arns, 1859-1930 and Pauline Schroedermeier, 1861 - 1915
the authorís great grandparents, married in 1882 (four children):

    Ernest Frederick Arns (1883 - 1970) see below
   Clarence Edwin Arns (1884 - 1973)
   George Conrad Arns (1887 - 1978) married  (1) Amanda Soldwisch (two children) and (2) Betty Jeanne Flora (no children):
            Paulyne Rose Arns (1915 - 1999) married (1) Guy Walter (two children) and (2) Harold Luth (no children):
                 Jerry Lee Walter (1942 - ) married Betty Happel (three children):
Doreen Renetta Walter (1962 - )
                        Brian Guy Walter (1965 - )
                        Daniel Lee Walter (1970 - )
                 James Eugene Walter (1943 - ) married Linda Orvis (two children):
                        Bradley James Walter (1971 - )
                        Kimberly Kay Walter (1973 - )
            Eugene Fredrick Arns (1919 - ) married (1) Hazel Marie Harbison (two children) and (2) Betty Jeanne Flora (no children):
                 Jacklyn Delle Arns (1942 - ) married William McNaney (three children):
                        Michael McNaney (1964 - )
                        Kelly McNaney (1967 - )
                        Andrew McNaney (1970 - )
                 George Christian Arns (1959 - ) married Dianne Ditmer (two children):
                        Eric Arns (1982 - )
                        Jeremy Arns (1985 - )
    Logan Harrison Arns (1888 - ) moved to Seattle, Washington.

They appeared in the 1900 US Census of Washington Township, Bremer County where he is farming. Sometime before 1910 he moved his family to Waterloo, Black Hawk County where he is found in the 1910 US Census living just two doors away from his son Ernest (the authorís grandfather) and his family. Also, Christian's mother-in-law Minnie Eichmann Witte is living with him.  Heís listed as a renderer at a packing house (Rath Packing Company).  He was also a tour guide there.  Pauline died in 1915 and Christian married Emma Scheppele in 1919.  In the 1920 US Census, Christian and Emma are found living with their son George and his family in Waterloo, Iowa.   

Clarence relocated  to Los Angeles, California where he died, but no other  records can be found.  Logan relocated to Seattle, Washington but the only records found  are the 1910 US Census where he is living in a boarding house, and a WWI draft card.  Perhaps he was killed in the war - no one knows.
 IX.  Ernest Frederick Arns, 1883-1970 and Anna Marie Fox, 1885 - 1973
Ernest Arns married Anna Fox (the authorís grandparents) in 1907 and resided in Waterloo. He worked as a grocery store salesman and as a guide for Rath Packing Company. He and Anna had two daughters:

             Irene Marion Arns (1908 - 1997), the authorís mother) married Fred Bade
            Cleo Madaline Arns (1910 - 2009) married (1) Lynn Chapman (one child); 
                                   (2) Herndon Hall (no children); and (3) Charles Reiche (one child):
                      Duane Chapman (1934) married Nancy Kragenbrink and had one child:
                               Kerry Chapman  married Kyra Feige
                      Barbara Reiche  married Michael Whitlatch and had two children:
                               Jennifer Whitlatch
                               Annie Whitlatch