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by Gerald Bade

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The earliest records of my Bade ancestors are found in the Kirchenbuch of the Biendorf Evangelical Lutheran Church. While the church dates to 1300, the records prior to 1776 were destroyed in a fire. 

The Bades lived in the village of Biendorf, Mecklenburg, in northern Germany, less than ten miles from the Baltic Sea. From the shore they could probably see Sweden on a clear day. This is the low country of Germany and the common language was Plattdeutsch (low German), particularly in the rural areas.  High German would have been spoken in the cities and used in business and on official documents.

 The Bade men worked as tagelöhners or day laborers. This means that they had no permanent jobs but took whatever work was available day-to-day for the landlord of the area. This would include planting and harvesting of crops, feeding and caring for animals, making butter, or butchering and curing meat. In addition to their household duties, many women were also day laborers and worked as hard as the men.

Direct ancestors are shown in bold type.
Generations are in colors.

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I,  Ludwig Bade, 1745-1816  and Anna Sophia Woehsten  
the author's g-g-g-grandparents.  She was the daughter of Hans Woehsten from Questin, Mecklenburg.  They married  in 1788 and had four documented children: 

          Hans Jochen Christian Bade (b.1789 - 1853, see below)
          Anna Maria Sophia Bade (1790 - 1810)
          Magdalena Ilsabe Maria Bade(1794 - )  I found no other  records of Magdalena. 
          Anna Margaretha Bade(1800 - 1811).   

Ludwig's birth year was calculated from his death record.

Click to see the descendents of this couple.


II.  Hans Jochen Christian Bade, 1789-1853 and Margaretha Elisabeth Sophia Nevern, 1789 - 1863

the author’s g-g-grandparents.  She was the daughter of Hans Never and Christina Regina Maria WestendorfThe surname Nevern is the feminine form of Never. The were married in 1812 and had at least five children: 

         Christian Heinrich Ludwig Bade (1812 - )  the day before his parents were married)
         Magdalena Sophia Henrietta Bade (1818 - )
         Johann Heinrich Bade (1822 - ) married Maria Wendt in 1849 and they had at least three children:
                   Christina Henriette Lisette Luise Bade (1850 -
                   Ludwig Friedrich Heinrich Johann Bade (1852 - )
                   Sophia Julia Henrioa Louise Elise Bade (1856 - )
         unnamed child Bade (1829 - ) - there was no baptismal date so it must have been a stillbirth
         Andreas Ernst Joachim Heinrich Bade
(1830 - 1911) see below

I found no further mention of Christian or Magdalena in the Parish records.


 III.  Andreas Ernst Joachim Heinrich Bade (a.k.a. Ernst) 1830-1911 and 
Maria Sophia Anna
(a.k.a. Sophie) Lange, 1835 - 1913

the author’s great-grandparents, married in 1857.  Sophie's parents were Johann Möller from Brunshaupten and Christina Catherina Lange of Glashagen.  The church record of Sophie's birth lists her mother's name as Lange but not as "geb. or geboren" (meaning maiden name) indicating that her parents were not  married. Also, Ernst and Sophie's marriage record shows her mother's name as "Christina Catherina Langenamen der Gevattern or  her "Godfather's name".  At some point, Sophie moved from Glashagen to Büttelkow where she married Ernst.  

They are found in Mecklenburg's 1867 census and their religion is listed as Lutheran (German Evangelical). An Ernestine Jentzen (age 14) is also shown living with the family as a kindervarterin (child care provider).

They had two daughters while in Germany:
           Henricke Marie Christiane Dorette Bade (a.k.a. Mary, 1858 - 1939) 
                                                                 married Christian Buesing (no children)
           Emilia Frederike Dorothea Bade (a.k.a.Dora,1861 - 1932) married John Henry
                                                                 Pries and had two children:
                    Ella Pries (1882 - )
                    Emilia Pries (1891 - )

 In the 1930 US Census, Mary and Dora were found living next door to each other in Waverly.

Interestingly, the surname was spelled Bade in the parish records and Baade in an 1867 census, but this may not be significant. It could be that either is correct and is a function of dialectic spelling differences between low German and high German.

In 1869 Ernst and his family sailed for America, probably leaving from Hamburg (the nearest port for emigration) and entering at New York. According to U.S. Naturalization Records, they stopped briefly in Illinois and Indiana before settling in Watertown, Wisconsin for seven years.  While in Wisconsin, they had one son:

            Heinrich Bade (1874 - 1946), the author’s grandfather (see below)

The 1870 census of Dodge County, Wisconsin lists a "Bada" family. Bade was likely pronounced "ba’ da" in the German language and the census taker would have written what he heard. The head of household's name is listed as "Arane", but this could be a corruption of Ernst due to pronunciation and accent difficulties for the census taker. It also lists his spouse Sophia, and daughters Mary and Dorace (close enough) and all ages are within 1 year of the expected so I am assuming this to be the correct family. Census records are notoriously error ridden.

The 1870 census of Dodge County shows that Ernst was a farmer with a real estate value of $1600 and personal property of $300. I have to wonder where he obtained the money for their passage to America and for other traveling expenses, as well as for the purchase of land. Oftentimes relatives that had already emigrated sent money home to help other family members make the trip. I am unaware of any other Bade families in either Dodge County or Bremer County, Iowa but there was a Christoph Lange family in Douglas Township, Bremer County who could be related to Sophie. If they are, then I wonder why Ernst and Sophie didn’t go directly to Bremer County to be near them rather than stop first in Wisconsin.

In 1874 Ernst moved his family to Bremer County, Iowa. Since their son Heinrich was born in Wisconsin on November 23rd of that year, they would have been traveling with an infant in December. 

He, Sophie and Henry are listed in the 1885 Iowa State Census there. Ernst is listed as a farmer and the 1894 plat map of Washington Township shows that Henry Bade owned two five acre lots southeast of Waverly on the Cedar River. I’m assuming this was Ernst’s property which he gave or sold to his son Henry. Henry would have been 20 in 1894 and his father would have been 64.  The obituary for Sophia stated that she had lived in Waverly for 37 years.

Ernst was naturalized on February 9, 1880. He died at age 80 and his wife Sophie died at age 78 ½. They had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1907 and were among the oldest members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Waverly) having joined it in 1874 when there were only 14 members.

Ernst's Obituary         Sophie's Obituary

IV.  Heinrich (a.k.a. Henry) Bade, 1874-1946 and Wilhelmina (a.k.a. Minnie) Riechmann, 1873 - 1957

Riechmann -  Bade Wedding

the author's grandparents.  Minnie is the daughter of Fred and Mena Riechmann.  Henry  worked for a while as a buttermaker at the creamery in Bremer, Iowa.  After he married Minnie in 1898, they purchased a 120 acre farm in Lafayette Township about 5 miles west of Waverly. But Minnie was not Henry’s first choice. Family lore says that he wanted to marry her younger sister Sophie who was more fun than Minnie. However, Minnie’s father said no, the oldest daughter had to get married first. Henry was so anxious to marry into the ‘wealthy’ Riechmann family that he agreed to marry Minnie instead. Henry, Minnie, and son Ernest are listed in the 1900 US Census as well as Henry’s parents Ernst and Sophie. 

They had four children:  

          Ernest Frederick Bade (1899 - 1930) - died in a tragic accident  before he was to be married.
         Frederick William Bade (1906 - 1972) (see below)
         Wilhelmina Sophia Bade (Minnie, 1908 - 1976) - married Henry Buhman and had two sons: 
                    Darwin Henry Buhman (1931) married Carol Ann Reiher and has 4 children:
                           Cheryl Ann Buhman married Dean Hemaseth
                           Susan Marie Buhman
                           Kevin Henry Buhman
                           Kendall John Buhman

                    Harold Lee Buhman (1934) married Donna Lee Nelson and has two children:
                           Brian Lee Buhman
                           Kimberly Kae Buhman
         Bertha Emma Bade (1910 - 1945) married Martin Lindner and had one daughter.
                    Marilyn Mae Lindner (1933 - ) married Donald Frerichs and has three children: 
                            Steven Don Frerichs married Sharon Eilers and has two children:
                                  Timothy Stephen Frerichs
                                  Benjamin Joseph Frerichs
                            Mary Sue Frerichs married John Rieger and has three children:
                                  Alicia Sue Rieger
                                  Brook Ann Rieger
                                  Lindsay Marie Rieger
                            Chris Allan Frerichs married and Kathleen Donovan has three children:
                                  Joseph Donovan Frerichs
                                  Elizabeth Ellen Frerichs
                                  Anne Blanche Frerichs

Henry's Obituary       Minnie's Obituary


V.  Frederick William Bade, 1906-1972 and Irene Marion Arns, 1908 - 1997

Arns-Bade Wedding, 1930

the author's parents, married in 1930.  Irene is the daughter of Ernest and Anna Arns.  They had three children:

           Donna Jean Bade (1931) married Walter Begalske and had three children: 
                    Brenda Le Begalske (1959) married (1) Byron Allmandinger and 
                                     (2) Edward George with whom she had one child:
                             Samuel Edward George
                    Linda Ann Begalske (1960 married Mark Kimzey and had two children:
                             Rebekah Jean Kimzey
                             Aaron Paul Kimzey
                    Diane Jean Bade (1964) married Daniel Rothmeyer and had two children:
                             Kaitlyn Erin Rothmeyer married Burke Schrader
Emersyn Schrader
                             John Joseph Rothmeyer
           Luann Barbara Bade (1934 - 1995) married (1) Donald Hurlbut (two children) and 
                                                         (2) James Bolson.
                    Matthew Lloyd Hurlbut (1960) married Michelle Marie Meyer 
                                                                    and had one child:
                              Jorden Rose Hurlbut
                    James Frederick Hurlbut (1963)
           Gerald Frederick Bade (1945) the author (see below)



When Fred had completed the required 8th grade education, he had to beg his parents to go on to high school. His parents couldn't understand why he wanted to go to 'that old Hochschule' and wanted him to stay home and work on the farm. They finally relented and Fred went to high school and did very well. He was in the choir, went out for track and was the biggest boy on the football team. He had a good mind for math and business.

Fred was offered a football scholarship to go to Coe College in Iowa but his family offered to buy a second farm for him to work if he would stay home. He relented but I think he regretted that decision the rest of his life. He understood the value of education.

Fred married Irene Arns from Waterloo, Iowa, in 1930.  After high school, Irene worked in the office of Rath Packing Company in Waterloo.  It must have been quite a culture shock for a city girl to convert to a full time farmer's wife.  Her husband's aunts (the Riechmann girls) would talk about her in German which she couldn't understand, but she could tell they were making fun of her.  

Fred and Irene continued working his dad's second farm and in 1941 they purchased it  for $100 an acre.  Fred was known as a good farmer and received the "Farmer of the Year" award one year. He tiled his land by hand, digging the ditches and placing the ceramic tile.  He farmed there for thirty years.

Fred was a devout Christian man and faithfully attended St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Waverly. He was a member of the church board and was well thought of by his peers. He was also a member of the Bremer County Board of Supervisors for five years and on the school board.

In 1950, Fred took a large risk and purchased a farm implement business in West Union, Fayette County, IA with another man. Later, he bought out his partner and was the sole owner of the business. The family moved to West Union except for Donna who remained in Waverly. Fred  was a good businessman and later became a member of the Rotary International service organization.

He again became active in church and was a member of the board of the Zion Lutheran Church. He had a strong social conscience and helped out several men in the community who were down on their luck. He had a very strong sense of fair play and civic responsibility.

In 1962, Fred sold his farm implement business and built the Elms Motel on the south edge of town. It was a small motel, only 15 units, and the second one in town, but business was good. These were good years and Fred bought a boat and took his wife and son to the Mississippi River on weekends and on fishing trips to Canada during the summer. He also loved to play poker with the boys and to shoot pool. At one time, he had his own pool table in the basement.

Fred and Irene loved to dance and they went dancing often with their friends. They loved the big band music of the 40's.


VI.  Gerald Frederick Bade,  1945 married (1) Susan Kerker and (2) Patricia Harrington

     Patricia and Gerry

The author.  I was born in Waverly, Iowa to a farming family.  Throughout my life I have also lived in West Union, Iowa; Decorah, Iowa; Hays, Kansas; Cortland, New York; Absecon, New Jersey; and Davenport, Iowa.  I have a B.A. from Luther College and an M.S. from Fort Hays Kansas State College. 

I worked for 31 years for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and was stationed at national fish hatcheries in central New York and northern New Hampshire; and Ecological Services offices in southern New Jersey and Rock Island, Illinois.  I have also been active with the Boy Scouts of America, and the St. Patrick Society of the Quad Cities.  In addition, I am a member of the local German American Heritage Center where I volunteer at the reception desk of their museum; and the Quad Cities Stamp Club.  In my leisure time I enjoy dancing, playing golf and pool with my friends and having parties with live music.

In 1968 I married Susan Kerker West Union, Iowa with whom I have three children:  

        Stephen Christopher Bade (1971) married Mary Bullman (no children)
                                                    and is retired from the Air Force
        Lisa Clover Bade (1974) married Matthew Kriegel, (two children) 
                                                    and is a pharmacist: 
                   Olivia Clover Kriegel
                   Allison Jo Kriegel
        Ethan John Bade (1977) is a theater arts major and lives in Michigan.

In 1987 I married Patricia Harrington, a native of Davenport, Iowa.  We have enjoyed traveling to such places as Ireland, Italy and Germany, and have been active in dancing of all kinds. In 1998 we formed the Quad Cities Ceili Club and began teaching Irish social dancing in the area. Patricia worked for many years for the Visiting Nurses Association as a home health aid and homemaker.  She has one daughter, Kimberly Kloss, and one granddaughter, Chloe Thompson.