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by Gerald Bade

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The following information was obtained from the  parish church records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Oberneissen Parish,  Germany.  

The Birlenbach family was from Niederneissen, Hessen-Nassau, Germany, about 30 miles northwest of Frankfurt.  This is within a few miles of where the Fuchs family lived (Netzbach), and the Ohlemacher and Schoenborn families lived (Burgschwalbach).  In some records, the name is spelled Birlebach. 

Direct ancestors of the author are shown in bold type below.  

Daniel Birlenbach (1749 - 1811) and Maria Elizabetha Himberger (1773) and had at least two children: 

          Andreas Birlenbach (1789 - 1947) married Anna Maria Fuchs ( nine documented children, eight of whom died at a young age):
                     Johann Wilhelm Birlenbach  (1814) died at age 20
                     Maria Magdalena Birlenbach  (1818) (one child before marrying Philipp Gapp):
                              Anna Dorothea Birlenbach (1843)
                     Catherina Birlenbach  (1819 - 1820)
                     David Birlenbach  (1820 - 1822)
                     Ludwig Birlenbach  (1822 - abt. 1845) 
                     Friedrich Birlenbach  (1824- abt. 1843) 
                     Johan Georg Birlenbach  (1826 - abt. 1845)
                     Jacob Birlenbach  (1828 - abt. 1848)
                     Anna Maria Birlenbach  (1830 - abt. 1840)
             Anna Margaretha Birlenbach (1793 - 1862) married Johann Wilhelm Fuchs

Others who appear in the church records and are likely related include:
              Carl Birlenbach who married Anna __?__ Grün with one child:
                      Peter Anton Birlenbach (1821) who married Catherina Elizabetha Mueller
              Philipp Birlenbach who married Anna Margaretha Mueller with one child:
                       Philipp Birlenbach (1849) who married Catharina Dorothea Mueller daughter of Carl and Elizabetha Mueller
              Peter Anton Birlenbach who married Catharina Elizabetha Klein daughter of Martin Klein with two children:
                       Catharina Philippina Birlenbach (1851)
                       Wilhelm Birlenbach (1857)
              Johann Georg Birlenbach married Maria Margaretha Diehl with one child:
                        Carl Birlenbach (1873)

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