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by Gerald Bade
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The following information was obtained from the church records (Kirchenbuch) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Oberneissen Parish,  Germany; from cousin, Dieter Weigang of Oberneissen, Germany, a Fuchs descendent;  from the Ahnentafel (ancestor registry) of  Dieter's mother, Erna Fuchs;  and various cousins here in the States. 

The Fuchs family lived in Netzbach, Hessen-Nassau, Germany, about 35-40 miles northwest of FrankfurtThis is within a few miles of Niederneissen where the Birlenbach family lived and Burgschwalbach where the Ohlemacher and Schoenborn families lived.  However, there are no Fuchs records prior to the marriage of Johann Jost and Anna Maria Bieberichin (1788) so it is likely that he moved to Netzbach from somewhere else at that time.  Click to see a drawing of the Fuchs' Family Home.

Direct ancestors of the author are shown in bold type below.  
Generations are indicated in colors. 
This is a very large family and you can find more detail in my gedcom files.

See Fuchs/Fox descendents Gedcom data.

I.  Johann Jost Fuchs (abt. 1760) and Anna Maria Bieberichin (1760 - ????)
the author's g-g-g-g-grandparents.  Anna Maria is the daughter of Johann Friederich Bieberich.  Bieberichin is the feminine form of the name.  They had six documented children:
        Anna Maria Fuchs (1788 - 1832) married Andreas Birlenbach
        Johann Wilhelm Fuchs (1790 - 1935) married Anna Margaretha Birlenbach (see below)
        Johannes Fuchs (1791 - )
        Johann Heinrich Fuchs (1793 - 1785)
        Maria Magdalena Fuchs (1795 - 1852) was unmarried and had one child:
                 Anna Maria Magdalena Fuchs (1819 - )
        Johann Ludwig Fuchs (1797 - 1879) married Maria Magdalena Kaempfer (or Kaempler).  Johann Ludwig's birth record lists his father as Johann Georg Fuchs with the same mother.  However, his marriage record lists his father as Johann Jost Fuchs.  Is it possible that  Johann Georg was the brother of Johann Jost and married his widowed sister-in-law prior to the child's birth but that Johann Jost is the biological father?    

Click to see the descendents of Johann Jost Fuchs.     


II.  Johann Wilhelm Fuchs, 1790 - 1835 and Anna Margaretha Birlenbach, 1793 - 1862
the author's g-g-g-grandparents.    Anna was from  Niederneisen, Germany, the daughter of Daniel Birlenbach.  Johann was a shoemaker, as was his grandson Georg Philipp Friedrich, the only ones of my ancestors who were tradesmen rather than farmers or day laborers .  They had nine documented children, including one set of twins:
         Anna Maria Fuchs (1812 - 1843) was unmarried and had two children:
                Maria Magdalena Fuchs (1835) died at age two months
                Anna Elizabetha Fuchs (1839 - 1868)
         Philipp Wilhelm Fuchs (1815 - 1841)
         Daniel Fuchs (1818 - 1838)
         Johann Philipp Fuchs (1820 - 1842) 
         Maria Magdalena Fuchs (1823 - 1829) 
         Johann Friedrich Fuchs (1826 - 1845)
         Andreas Fuchs (1830 - 1888) married Anna Catherina Ohlemacher (see below)
         Ludwig Carl Fuchs (1830 - 1898) married Dorothea Catharina Litzinger (1831 - 1836) and had at least eight children including one  set of twins.  Four of Ludwig's children emigrated to the United States and settled in central Illinois (see * below).   Because Ludwig Carl  Fuchs' family is so large, I have given each child its own page. 
                Wilhelm Andreas Fuchs (1854 - 1903) - remained in Germany
                 ????? Louisa Wilhelmine Fuchs (1855 - 1914) - remained in Germany
             * Philipp Ludwig (Louis) Fuchs (1858 - 1933).  immigrated to America abt. 1880.
                Carl Friedrich Fuchs (1859) died at 1 month.  
Jacob Ludwig Fuchs (1861 - 1925) - immigrated to America abt. 1890.
                Philipp Hermann Friedrich Fuchs (1861 - 1910) - remained in Germany
              * Christian Reinhard Fuchs (1863 - ) - immigrated to America abt. 1890.
              * Adolph August Friedrich Philipp Fuchs (1865 - 1941) - immigrated to America abt. 1890.
         Anna Margaretha Fuchs (1834) died at age three months


III.  Andreas Fuchs, 1830 - 1888 and Anna Catharina Ohlemacher, 1835 - 1889
the authors g-g-grandparents.   Anna was from Burgschwalbach, Hessen-Nassau, Germany, the daughter of Johann Philipp Ohlemacher and Elizabeth Margaretha Seelin.  They had six documented children of which  four survived.  One of Andreas' children, my ancestor, emigrated to the United States and settled in Bremer County, Iowa (see below). 

              Christiana Philippina Fuchs (1860) died at age 6 months
              Georg Philipp Friedrich Fuchs
(1861 - 1930) married Anna Margaretha Schoenborn (see below)
              Catharina Dorothea Fuchs (1863 - ) remained in Germany, married ? Fritz and had two children 
                       Karl Fritz
                       Wilhelmine Fritz
              Paulina Philippina Fuchs (1866 -  1870)
              Friedrich Wilhelm Fuchs (1868 - ) remained in Germany, married ? and had four children:
                       Frieda Fuchs (1905 - )
                       Ella Fuchs (1906 - )
                       Wilhelmine Fuchs (1908 - )
                       Wilhelm Fuchs (1919 - )
              Herman Fuchs (1877 - 1969) remained in Germany, married Caroline Gensmann and had four children
                       Wilhelm Fuchs (1905 - 1959) married Wilhelmina Heidenreich and had one child:
                                Karl Fuchs
                       Hedwig Fuchs (1906 - ) married Wilhelm Crecelius and had three children:
                                Else Crecelius (1932)
                                Enge Crecelius (1935)
                                Gerhard Crecelius (1937)
                       Hermann Fuchs (1908 - ) married Else Becker and had two children:
                                 Walter Fuchs (1936)
                                Ursula Fuchs (1938)
                       Erna Fuchs (1919 - ) married Maximilian Weigang and had three children:
                                Dieter Weigang (1940) married Waltraud ? and had two children:
                                         Sabine Helga Weigang (1964)
                                         Markus Weigang (1966)
                                Jürgen Maximilian Weigang (1943)
                                Klaus Herman Fuchs (1950). 


IV.  Georg Philipp Friedrich Fuchs, 1861 - 1930 and Anna Margaretha Schoenborn, 1863 - 1933

A.k.a. Fred G. Fuchs (the author’s great grandfather).  He was apprenticed in Germany and became a bootmaker at the age of 16.   See Fred's Birth Certificate and his Graduation Report.

At the age of 17 he departed Germany aboard the ship Lessing. I doubt if Fred was traveling alone although there were no other family members listed on the passenger list. There were, however, several other single young men listed after him, ages 16-28, who could have been friends traveling together. Nevertheless, a trip to America was a very brave adventure for an 17 year old boy. He arrived at the port of New York on May 7, 1879 and came to Bremer County, Iowa.  In the 1915 Iowa State Census, Fred stated that he had been in the country for 36 years and in Iowa for 34 so he must have spent a couple of years traveling and looking for a place to settle down.  It is curious why Fred didn't settle in the Springfield, Illinois area with his cousins.  Perhaps he knew that his future wife was coming to Bremer County a couple of years later.


                         Anna Margaretha Schoenborn and Fred G. Fuchs

In 1883 he married Anna Margaretha (a.k.a. Margaret) Schoenborn, the daughter of Johann Jacob Schoenborn and Maria Elizabeth Demareé, in  Plainfield, Bremer County. She was from Burgschwalbach, Hessen-Nassau, Germany, also the home of Fred's mother.  Perhaps he even knew her in the old country. They and their son Arthur appear in the 1885 Iowa State Census as living in Sumner, Bremer County.

Fred opened a bootmaking business in Sumner, Bremer County, and lived there for 2 years.  He then purchased a shoe store in Waverly, Bremer County, and in 1895 he moved to Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa where he worked for a couple of shoe stores before opening his own in 1895. The Fox shoe store remained in the family until it closed in 1989. 

They appear in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses.  Interestingly, in the 1930 census Fred and Margaret were enumerated at the homes of two of their sons, Oscar and Ralph, whom they were visiting in California.  Another son, Arthur, also lived inCalifornia. While there, he

 contracted the flu which caused paralysis of the throat and likely contributed to his death three months later after his return to Iowa. 

In 1920 Fred was still using the surname Fuchs, but at some point his sons convinced him to change it to Fox (English for Fuchs) because of the similarity of Fuchs to a particular epithet. Another family source states that the name change was because it was easier to spell and pronounce in English. The Illinois branch of the family retained the original spelling.

Fred and Margaret had eight children. several of whom later relocated to California.

           Arthur Frederick Fox (1883 - 1953) married Edith Marie Christofferson and had three children:
                     Artice Margarite Fox (1912 - 1960) married Donald Laurason and had one child:
                     Arthur Frederick Fox, Jr. (1916 - 1972) married Annabell Guinn and had two children:
                              Mary Elizabeth Fox married (1) Bradley Franks and (2) Eric Van Achthoven and had two children
                                         (1) Adrian Lynette Van Achthoven
                                         (2) Brandon Randall Van Achthoven
                              Ronald Arthur Fox married (1) Connie Boardman, (2) Marilyn Edwards, and (3) Nancy Barkley:
                                         (1) Shannon Michael Fox 
                                         (1) Ryan Arthur Fox 
                     Marion Fox (1918 - )
           Anna Marie Fox (1885 - 1973) the author's grandmother, married Ernest Arns  
           Alvin Carl Fox (1888 - ) married Ida Mae Kubley and had three children:
                      Clifford Alvin Fox (abt 1912) married Carmen Shortess and had three children:
                               Judy Kay Fox
                               Clifford Alvin Fox, Jr.
                               Gerrie Fox
                      Elizabeth Margaret Fox (1913) married John A. Mitchell and had three children:
                               Karen Kay Mitchell married Larry Gene Wagner and has three children:
                                         Brett Alan Wagner
                                         Kelly John Wagner
                                         Wendy Sue Wagner
                               John Mitchell
                               William Mitchell married Cheryl Litty (no children) and Rosemarie Wetzl and has four children:
                                         Jeremy A.Mitchell
                                         Sara Elizabeth Mitchell
                                         Maya Rose Mitchell
                                         Mandy Rose Mitchell                    
                      Pauline Kathleen Fox (abt. 1915) married Richard Graham and had three children:
                               Vicki Graham (1940 - ) married Ian McPherson (two children):
                                         Scott Alexander McPherson 
                                         Todd Richard McPherson      
                               Sandra Sue Graham (1943) married Wilfred Dawson Riley and had four children:
Shawna Sue Riley married Larry Dale Martin (four children):
                                              Brook Lynn Martin
                                              Aaron Martin
                                              Cassia May Martin 
                                              Daisy Sue Martin

                                         Shane Dawson Riley
married Amy Rebekah Robson (two children):
Isaac William Riley
                                              Jessica Anne Riley

                                         Amy Riley
married Gary Edward Martin (four children):
                                              Rachel Lynn Martin
                                              Leah Lane Martin
                                              Rhesa Ann Martin
                                              Levi Spicer Martin

                                         William Dallas Riley
married Alicia Marie Duke (three children):
                                              Michelle Lynn Riley
                                              Abraham Dawson Riley
                                              Esther Sue Pearl Riley

                               Richard Alvin Graham (1947) married Barbara Kay Hardy and had two children:
Wendy Kay Graham
                                         Stacy Lynn Graham
married Randy Cooley (two children):
                                              Destiny Richelle Cooley
                                              Kirsten Marie Cooley
                                              Sydney Kay Graham

           Oscar Herman Fox (1889 - 1944) married (1) Madaline O'Keefe (one child) and (2) Anna Elkema (one child)::
                  (1) Frederick Fox 
                  (2) Marguerite Edna Fox (1924 - ) married Jeremie Lucas (three children):
                               Anna Marie Lucas married Perry Allen Todd (four children):
                                       Marlene Michelle Todd married Robert Lora and (one child):
                                               Carissa Carin Lora
                                               Erin Nicole Lora
                                               Ryan Robert Lora

                                       Scott Michael Todd married (1)Heather Alcantar (two children) and (2) Naomi ???? (two children):
                                          (1) Roxanne Elizabeth Todd
 (2) Brook Todd
                                       Darin Allen Todd married (1) unknown (1child) and (2) Debra ???? (2 children):
                                          (1) Darin Todd
                                          (2) Bradley Todd
                                          (2) Savannah Todd
                                       Shane Patrick Todd married (1) unknown (2 child) and (2) Heather ???? (2 chidren):
(1) Ethan Todd
 (2) Daniel Todd
 (2) Shane Todd
                               Jeremie Fox Lucas married Debbie Lee Recurio (one child):
                                       Michelle Angelic Lucas
                               Larry Dean Lucas        
           Margaretha Lena Fox (1892 - ) married Reubin Scott and had no children.
           Esther Elizabeth Fox (1897) lived about three weeks
           Harold Wilhelm Fox (1900 - 1941) married (1) Helen Gilette (three children); and (2) Vivian ??  (no children)
                       Jack Fox
                       Carol Fox
                       Connie Fox
           Ralph Leroy Fox (1903 - 1941) married Evelyn K. Christiansen (no data)

Fred was a shoe merchant and he worked for a couple of shoe stores before opening his own in 1895. The Fox shoe store remained in the family until it closed in 1989.

In the 1915 Iowa State Census, Fred stated his income for the year as $1000 and that he owed $2500 on a home worth $6500.  

In 1909 Fred took a trip home to Germany to visit his family. He traveled on a brand new steamship, the S.S. Cincinnati. He returned 10 days later so he couldn’t have seen his family for very long . The picture of Fred and his siblings was taken during that trip.

Fred was a member of the Board of Trustees of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, and a member and treasurer of the IOOF (International Order of Odd Fellows).   He became a naturalized citizen in 1884.  

 Read Fred's obituaries.