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by Patricia Harrington Bade

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My Harrington ancestors lived on Ballycrovane Harbor of Coulagh Bay, Trachallee Townland, Beara Peninsula, County Cork, Ireland.  (Pictures)  Their original church parish was Kilcatherine which is now in ruins and was incorporated with the Eyeries Parish.  The early parish records were in the possession of Riobard O'Dwyer, a genealogist  from Eyeries.  The records were lost or destroyed but fortunately Riobard had copies of them.  On one of our trips to Ireland, I met with Riobard and obtained all the available church records for the Harrington (Duve) family and their
Crowley descendants. 

Many surnames in Ireland are very common and in such cases they may adopt  nicknames to distinguish one clan or lineage from the other.  My family's nickname was Duve (Dubh in gaelic) which means black and likely refers to black hair.  The Harringtons could be descended from Spanish immigrants which came to the southwest of Ireland centuries ago.

I previously thought that there were no other Harrington (Duve) descendants left in Ireland, only descendents of Mary Harrington Crowley. (I met a couple of my Crowley cousins.)  However, I have since heard from a Daniel Harrington who lives near London, England whose father was from Ardrigole on the other side of the Beara penninsula.  He says there were three brothers nicknamed Duve (black), Ban (white), and Caisce (= Causkey = Easter).  I have not determined if we are related or not or if, perhaps, the Harrington Dubh brother migrated to the Eyeries area at some point or vice versa.  He did state that his grandfather Timothy Harrington (Caisce) worked in the copper mines of west Cork.

The name Harrington is actually English.  When the British occupied Ireland they attempted to wipe out everything Irish, including their language, music, dance and culture, and make everyone into Englishmen.  This included anglicizing their Irish names. 

The Harrington crest consists of a knot or net indicating they may have been fishermen.
Formerly, Harrington was O'Hungerdell (the English spelling of the gaelic O'hIongardail -pronounced o-urdle); but this  form, which is found in documents about the time when English came to be used for legal business, is now obsolete. The Harringtons of this sept are numerous in southwest Cork and Kerry - almost ninety percent of the births registered for Harrington were from that area fifty years ago and a comparison with voters' lists and directories of today shows that this is still substantially the case.

The land of the Beara penninsula was owned by a family named Puxley and the people who lived there were tenant farmers.  The book Hungry Hill  by Daphne du Maurier is based on the Puxley family history.  Puxley Manor, located west of Bearhaven, was previously in ruins, having been burned out in 1921 by the IRA, but restoration has recently begun. (Note: the video is mislabeled as Dunboy Castle - the ruins of which is located on the same grounds.)

The southwest of County Cork is riddled with copper mines and my Harrington ancestors worked the mines in the Slieve Miskish Mountains between Eyeries and Allihies.  They were also farmers.  The Harringtons made it through the Great (potato) Famine of 1845-1849 although some of their children may have died (see Denis below).  They were likely able to supplement their diet with fish and were not totally dependent on potatoes like so many others. Plus, they were gainfully employed in the mines.  Riobard O'Dwyer relayed a story that the potatoes that were grown in Inishfarnard Island near the Harrington home site were not affected by the potato blight so perhaps they were able to obtain food from there. 

I do not know how my ancestors could have afforded ship passage to America in 1849 but one possibility is offered by Cecil Woodham-Smith in his book The Great Hunger - Ireland 1845 - 1949.  Landowners were taxed by Britain for each person living on their lands.  If their tenants could not  raise enough food to feed themselves and pay their rent then the landowners could not pay their taxes.  Consequently, many landowners paid their tenant's passage just to get them off their tax rolls. 

Colors below indicate generations, bold type indicates my direct ancestors.  Bridget Harrington's descendants were provided by g-grandson Dennis Swift.

 I.  Dhoncha (=Denis) Harrington, born abt. 1750  and ???? Spouse
the author's g-g-g-grandparents.  They had at least one child:

II.  Cornelius Harrington, born abt. 1780 and Ellen (or Eleonore), born abt. 1816

the author’s g-g-grandparents.  The record for Ellen is found in the 1880 Federal Census of New Diggings, Lafayette County, Wisconsin.  She is 64 years old and listed as the grandmother living with her grandchildren John (29), Patrick (28), Ellen (17), Bridget (16), Hanna (15)and Quin (13). This couple had at least four children: 

         Denis Harrington (see below)
        Mary Harrington
(abt.1812) married Cornelius (Curley) Crowley ( abt. 1810), remained in Ireland and had at
            least three children.  (click here to see the Crowley  family)
        John Harrington (abt. 1814) may have emigrated
        Julia Harrington (abt. 1816) married James Harrington and had at least three children.  She may have emigrated.
Mary Harrington (1844)
               James Harrington (1845)
               Ellen Harrington (1847)

III.  Denis Harrington, 1810-???? and Julia O'Sullivan, 1820-1867
the author's g-grandparents, were married on February 18, 1843 in the Cahirmore Parish, near Allihies, County Cork, Ireland where Julia was from.  There are no church records or any other data for the Sullivan either in Ireland or the US.  Denis worked in the mines near Allihies but he lived on a  farm that his wife inherited from her grandfather Marcus O'Sullivan who raised her.  After Denis and Julia emigrated, his half of the farm reverted to his sister to Mary who married Cornelius Crowley (see above).  The land is not currently owned by the family.  They had four children while in Ireland:

          Cornelius Harrington (1843), no further records
          Michael Harrington (1845), no further records
          Mary Harrington (1847), no further records
          Denis Harrington  (1848), emigrated with parents, then no further records

This family disappeared form the parish records by 1850 so I am assuming that Denis and Julia emigrated to America about 1849, near the end of the Irish potato famine.  They  settled in New Diggings, Lafayette County, Wisconsin and lived on Penny Benton Road  where Denis worked in the lead and zinc mines in the area.  I do not know if all these children accompanied their parents to America or if they died during the Great Famine or on shipboard. The 1850 US Census lists Dennis, Judith (Julia?), Dennis (2) and John (2 mo.) which would tie them back to the parish records.  

While in Wisconsin they had nine more children.  The 1860 US Census lists Dennis (50), Julia (25), Johny (12), Patrick (10), James (8), Julia (8), Margaret (1), and Ellen (5 mo.).  The 1880 US Census which lists John (29), Patrick (28), Ellen (17), Bridget (16), Hanna (15), Quin (13), and grandmother Ellen (64).  Note, the age for (daughter) Ellen does not fit with the previous census but then census data are notoriously error-ridden.  

           John Harrington  (1850), no records beyond 1880
Patrick Harrington  (1851), never married.  He is buried in Benton, Wisconsin.
James Harrington  (1852), went to Butte, Montana
Julia Harrington  (1855), never married.  She is buried in Benton, Wisconsin.
Margaret Harrington  (1859), no records beyond 1905
Eleonore Harrington  (Ellen, 1860), no records beyond 1880
Hanna Harrington  (1865), never married. She is buried in Benton, Wisconsin.
Quinlan Joseph Harrington  (see below) 
           Bridget Harrington  (1867) married Martin Henry McGivney and had six children:
                  Alice McGivney (abt. 1895)
                  Marie McGivney
(abt. 1897) married Marion Limage and had two children:
                              Jack Limage
                              Donald Limage (1923)
                  Catherine McGivney (Kate, 1898)
                  Anna Olive McGivney (1900)  married Lee Smith and had two children:
                              Eugene Vincent Swift (1928) married Mary Pawlak and had two children:
                                        Dennis Michael Swift (1956) married Teri  Ellen Letto and had three children:
Jason Michael Swift
                                               Eric Matthew Swift
                                               Kevin Mitchell Swift

                                        Mark Anthony Swift (1959) married Ann Sickon and had three children:
Alexandra Swift
                                               Emily Swift
                                               Gramm Swift

                              Bernard Francis Swift (1937) married Carol Heim and had three children:
                                        Tammy Marie Swift
                                        Robin Ann Swift
                                        Kelly Lynn Swift
                  James Vincent McGivney.
(1902) married Linney Downs and had three children:
                              Twin McGivney 1 (1934) died at birth
                              Twin McGivney 2 (1934) died at birth
                              James Harvard McGivney (1936) married Judy Ann Wand and had seven children:
                                       Linda Sue McGivney
                                       Joseph Harvard McGivney
                                       Marcia Ann McGivney
                                       Monica Lynne McGivney
                                       James David McGivney
                                       Melanie Marie McGivney
                                       Elizabeth Amy McGivney
                  Louis Henry McGivney (1904)

The 1905 State Census lists Patrick (54), Julia (40), Maggie (Margaret, 30), and Hanna (28).  The ages do not quite fit with other censuses but that may be recorder's errors.  The 1920 US Census lists Pat (69), Julie (Julia, 65) and Hannah (49).

There are  no cemetery records for Dennis or Julia.  There is a State record of a Denis dying in LaFayette Co. in 1879 of consumption. He may have been sent to a sanitarium in Madison, Wisconsin or Dubuque, Iowa.  Did Cornelius, Michael and Mary die in the Great Famine?   Did John and James die or did they go west to some other mining area?  Many people from the Beara peninsula settled in Butte, Montana.  

Two of Denis and Julia's children (John and Patrick) were baptized at St. Augustine Church in New Diggings (still standing) by Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, a Dominican priest who served pioneer communities and built over twenty churches from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin to Muscatine and Iowa City, Iowa. In 1852 the New Diggings Parish was taken over by St. Patrick's in Benton.

IV.  Quinlan Joseph Harrington, 1866-1936 and Stella Cecelia Rowe, 1886-1969

Quinn and Stella's Wedding, 1905

the author's grandparents, were married in 1905 in Benton, Wisconsin.  Stella is of Cornish descent (Redruth, Cornwall) and is the daughter of James Rowe, Jr. and Mary Ann Bennett, born in Benton,  Wisconsin.  The Rowes are listed in the 1905 State Census as living in Belmont, Wisconsin.  Oddly, her first son's birth certificate lists her middle name as Pricilla but her tombstone lists her name as Stella C.

Quinn worked for the mining company as a teamster.  They had four children in New Diggings, Wisconsin:

        John Laverne Harrington (see below)
        Marie Harrington (1912) married Arnold Steckel and had one child:
                   Julie Steckel married Robert Noel and had two children:
                           Holly Ann Noel
                           Andrew John Noel
        Mildred Harrington (1914) married Marvin Spading and had three children:
                   Terry Spading
                   Joseph Spading
                   Richard Spading
         James Harrington (1916) married June Peterson and had two children:
                   Judy Harrington married Silas Wright and had had two children:
                            James Hamilton Wright married Jacqueline Tague and had one child:
                                      John Michael Lynn Wright
                            Jeffery Lynn Wright
                   John Harrington married (1) Denise Edith Kitsman (three children) and 
                                        (2) Joan Marie Moffett (two children):
                            (1) Chad Patrick Harrington
                            (1) John Michael Harrington
                            (1) Daniel Paul Harrington
                            (2) Christa Marie Harrington
                            (2) Amanda Kaye Harrington

All Quinn and Stella's children moved to Davenport, Iowa at various times and Quinn and Stella followed them sometime before 1936.  They weren't there very long before Quinn died.   They are both buried in Benton, Wisconsin.    
V.  John Laverne Harrington, 1908-1977 married (1) Elaine Welsh,  (2) Unknown, and (3) Ida Marie Jehring

      John and Ida

While John was living in New Diggings, he married Elaine Welsh, the daughter of Thomas Welsh and Bridget Sheridan of Benton, Wisconsin.  She died at at age 20 and is buried in Benton, Wisconsin.  They had one child:  

          (1) Shirley Harrington (1929) married (1) Lewis Timmons (four children), and
                                                   (2) Richard Bowden (no children)
                         Elaine Timmons married (1) John Melow (one child) and 
                                                                  (2) James Roete (no children):
                                    Jaymie Melow
                          Susan Kay Timmons married (1)Curtis Lee Weeks and have two children
                                                                and (2) Marvin Keller, no children:
                                   Stephanie Renee Weeks  married Craig William Slaughter 
                                                                          and have two children:
                                               Ethan William Slaughter
                                               Noah Grant Slaughter
                                   Curtis Lee, Jr.
                          John Timmons married Stephanie Selsor and had one child:
                                   Michelle Timmons
                         Rebecca Lois Timmons married (1) Gary Hilding Johnson,  
                                                                          (2) Mark Allen Muske  and (3) Tim Salmon



John moved to Davenport, Iowa and worked in the International Harvester Farmall Plant in Moline, Illinois building farm equipment.   He married a second time and was divorced. He married Ida Jehring in 1940, the daughter of Harry Jehring and Maria Vieths.  They had two children:

           (3) Michael Lloyd Harrington married Judy Ann Freeman and has two children:
                          Heather Sue Harrington married Richard Martin and has two children:
                                   Maggie Ann Martin
                                   Abbie Kathleen Martin
                          Quinn Patrick Harrington married Amy Calvert and has two children:
                                    Anden Harrington
                                    Abry Harrington
          (3) Patricia Jane Harrington (see below)

VI.  Patricia Jane Harrington (1946) married (1) Kenneth Kloss (one child) and (2) Gerald Bade (no children)



   Patricia  and Gerry 
                        Kimberly Marie Kloss married (1) Michael Thompson (one child) and 
                                                                        (2) Brian Jennings (no children)
                                   Chloe Marie Thompson

Patricia worked as a homemaker and health aide with the Mahaska County Visiting Nurses Association, the Scott County Visiting Nurses Association, and Genesis Visiting Nurses.  Her hobbies include dancing, genealogy, history and culture. With husband Gerry, she founded the Quad Cities Céilí Club in 1998, an Irish social dancing  organization. She served as treasurer, vice president, president and dance instructor. She was involved with numerous Celtic events in the area, including Irish Heritage Day, Rock Island Erin Feis, Celtic Highland Games, Peoria Irish Feis, the Dubuque Hooley, and the Céilí Club’s dances and dance workshops. She was a member of the Eastern Chapter of the Polka Club of Iowa, the German-American Pioneer Society, American Schleswig-Holstein Historical Society, the St. Patrick Society of the Quad Cities, and helped form the Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois Cornish-Welsh Society.  She and Gerry received the Gilhooly Award from the St. Patrick Society for their efforts in promoting Irish culture in the Quad Cities area.